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Humanity is hopeless

    (My first language is not english, I'm sorry for any mistakes)

    I can't understand why people accept or want to participate in capitalism, especially when they are from the working class. My family is really pressuring me to go to a college in the future and to have an insignificant job like them. I want to go to arts and I don't want to go to any college. I want to have a band and to do art, even if I must share an apartment with other people. Capitalism is so stupid, why would you want to work your whole life receiving way less than what you actually produce and then you still have to pay for basic things like health care, food and clothes? Then, while the working class just gets bigger and poorer, the capitalistic class gets richer. Because of that, the working class can’t stop to think and when they do think about a different system, they call it "chaos" and it’s a "threat to stability" or whatever excuses they found. People are so accustomed to that type of system, where you have money and someone that has power over you, that they never think about something totally different. In my opinion, if people had a better education and weren't so ignorant, they would be able to think outside the box, but the education system sucks. 

    School was literally created to make obedient workers, planning our day, deciding when we should eat, go to class and have recess. We don’t learn nothing actually important, I mean, if you like to study about the daily life of an ancient roman it’s cool but, we aren’t using that in our daily lives. I think knowing our history is important but that’s too much. I also don’t think I learned anything important in math since 4th grade. Since 5th grade I only learned 2/3 of useful things. School doesn’t prepare us for the future and it closes our mind, treats us like we’re all the same. Also, tests are such an ineffective way to evaluate students.

    Returning to capitalism, it’s impossible to be an environmentalist and support capitalism. That’s because capitalism is about making money over anything, so yeah, they don’t care about Earth. I think we don’t have salvation, there’s a mass extinction going on right now that WE started. Earth is so much older than humans and we are here for such a small time, and we have done so much damage already.

      I cloud go on forever talking about this but it’s useless and I know absolutely no one is going to read this. Humanity is hopeless, we’re too corrupted, we don’t have any meaning in our lives anymore. Now we just need to wait, pretending to not be miserable, romanticizing our lives and thrifting, doing diy, recycling, going to protests, doing everything in our reach to fight against all the bullshit that’s going on whether its a social cause or about the environment wile big companies make our efforts worthless.

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In the past, what were the things that gave meaning to our lives?

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I RELATE TO THIS SO MUCH HOLY SHIT (especially about the college thing)

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