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☆ 06/02/23

Man what a week,,,

So I finally turned 21 a week ago and it was definitely a weird feeling knowing I’m officially an adult! Well at least around here,, Anyways, my family came over for the week and luckily nothing big happened this time but man it was stressful trying to avoid conflict and such. I love them but sometimes you can say one thing and it will go very south very quickly. They just left so i can finally relax for the summer, though I don’t think anything is planned for this year,,

But!! My goal for the summer is to 

1.) improve my art stills 

2.) do more painting

3.) last but not least, get a drivers license 

I know what you’re thinking ‘but you’re 21 years old!! Shouldn’t you already have one by now??’ I know but I almost crashed twice back in high school and it kinda freaked me out after so I stopped out of fear. (You wouldn’t trust me to drive anyways, would you?) but now that I’m older, I feel a bit more confident about driving than I was 16 almost crashing on the highway,, I know I sound like a sore loser but hey, I’m going to at least try regardless so I can actually go out myself and do shit for once. 

But otherwise I’m just glad I can just sit in the sun (unusual vampire behavior), grow out my hair more, and watch Jennifer’s Body for the hundredth time. (I usually watch it during the summer and Halloween don’t judge me) 

I hope everyone have a good day/night regardless!

Logging out,

ava :]

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