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His Honey Eyes

We were at a graduation party 

When you looked at me 

Like my soul was naked 

I realized I loved the way

Your honey eyes saw me

In that moment 

I felt my eyes widen

My cheeks turned red

While your eyes sent chills 

Through my body

I never thought you'd look at me

Quite like that 

Your eyes transformed 

Almost like dark roast coffee

I wish I was braver 

If I was I'd take you by the collar 

And kiss you in front of the others 

There would be no more hiding 

For either of us 

I don't know how I could express 

How nice that idea is 

I don't want to walk away from you 

I only wish you were by my side 

When I woke up in the morning

Five years later and I'm still here

Waiting for you to roll your eyes again  

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