no actually you dont have the right to force epileptics to risk their life (cw for ableism obviously)

in a public group chat i got in a fight with somebody posting a serious epilepsy hazard video with no warning, which is even worse because we were on telegram which autoplays all video content by default and makes the switch for turning that off exceedingly difficult to find for no reason.

anyways i guess i cant speak for the world at large so please let me know if im misinterpreting something, but no, actually you do have a responsiblity to not force epileptics to play russian roulette every time you post a fucking video. and no they shouldnt have to design a "turn off autoplay” switch themselves or petition for it if an app doesn't have one already. (in reference to this, while we still had yet to find the autoplay switch and assumed there simply wasnt one)

im conflicted about this though because an epileptic person in the chat suggested its not usually that big of an issue if its smaller on the screen and that if youve lived with the condition for a while you know better than to have your phone close to your face... is this the common opinion?

like even if a flashing-images video wont be too high-risk in all situations, i feel like its just not worth the risk that it can be, given that all youre giving up is like a few seconds to thinking to be like "oh i should probably comment an epilepsy warning with this"

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