Today's Reading 01/06/2023

01 Jun 2023

Today I'll be using my Contraband deck.

Classic American Cartomancy
The Spread
Seven of Spades (reversed)   King of Spades   Ace of Clubs (reversed)

Jack of Hearts   Ace of Spades (reversed)   King of Hearts
Seven of Clubs, King of Spades, Ace of Clubs
Jack of Hearts, Ace of Spades, King of Hearts

Seven of Clubs - Child; economy with small amounts of money (reversed; Embarrassment)
Hindrance; entanglement; clog; fuss; intricacy; confusion; exigency; disorder; distress; to make work; to come to a stand; to perplex; to puzzle; to obstruct; to delay; to block up; to choke up; to stop up; to stifle; hurry; bustle; in a fix; in perplexity; at a loss

Jack of Hearts - Blond unmarried man
Road; highway; lane; pathway; a walk; a course; career; promenade; messenger; ways and means; expedient; enterprise; method

King of Spades - A lawyer (reversed; Wickedness)
Reverses; prejudice; theft; violence; corruption; elopement; libertinage; debauchery; slander; malice; exposure of secrets; disorder in morals, or calumny

Ace of Spades - Love affairs, legal papers (reversed; Pregnancy)
Enlargement; engenderment; fecundity; fertilization; production; composition; increase; augmentation; multiplication; deliverance; parturition; growth; addition

Ace of Clubs - Wealth (reversed; Nobility)
A nobleman; a man of consequence; important; great; the eldest son; extended; vast; sublime; renowned; illustrious; powerful; elevated; of good quality; illustration; reputation; consideration; grandeur of soul

King of Hearts - Blonde man; advocate and man of note
Honest man; honesty; probity; equity; arts and sciences

For some reason, this was harder to do than usual.

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