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Hot Girl Summer is dead

Well, dead for me, to clarify.

Mention was made as s bulletin before of the compression/support garments. The socks on their own were not enough. The edema and rising veins definitely need attention from foot to hip.

This is Gross Leg Summer.

I laugh at it in the same way as with applying makeup. The person in the mirror is just some regular person trying to look pretty. TBH, I look weird with full eyebrows. But my goal isn't to hide the legs under compression garments, just as makeup doesn't make me look better. Just painted on.

I'm still testing things out. Right now, I have on some powder pink open toe hose. The color leaves me feeling eh, but my legs feel so much better. Just knowing that my visible vein patches are being managed gets me right over that ick.

I want to keep them clean, so I've bought a few pairs of pedicure socks, just enough to get through the summer. I've worn them alone, and they do a surprisingly good job of keeping my feet warm, despite also being toeless. I'm talking just a basic tube, no toe separation. There is no space in my life for that.

Another hurdle is the bathing suit. I've not worn a conventional one for years, opting for more coverage since I got interested in kayaking. This year, I'm trading up to swim leggings. What I've bought also benefits marine conservation, so that's a neat little perk. But I face the same issues as with the on shore coverage.

Can it keep me cool in the heat? We'll see. My first testing of the full hose happened in the waning coolness of early spring, and I actually got too cold. I'm hoping the same is true as the temperature rises.

Moving forward, I know how stupid this looks, but my own brand of jagged edged optimism turned inward overrides any real world negativity that could make me want to hide 

So here's to leaving the house in the armor of brave fashion choices. 

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