the tempest

the dark clouds of fear gather in the depths of my heart, heavy with the anticipation of his apology. there's a tempest of emotions swirling within, making me shudder at the thought of allowing him back into my life once more. in moments of solitude, i wrestle with the possibility of caving in under the persuasive power of heartfelt words – words that hold the potential to undo and blur those steadfast boundaries i've built so painstakingly. the uncertainty gnaws at me incessantly, leaving me taut on a tightrope stretched between forgiveness and self-protection, haunted by the silent whispers of vulnerability echoing through my turbulent heart. the cold tendrils of fear snake through me, a chilling reminder of past heartache and painful vulnerability. every nerve in my body seems to scream in protest, warning me of the potential devastation that lies ahead. i can feel the walls around my heart, the walls i carefully built over time, begin to quiver as though threatening to crumble. the very thought of exposing myself once more to the harrowing possibility of rejection, betrayal or loss leaves me gasping for breath, paralyzed by an overwhelming sense of dread and trepidation.

if he apologized and wanted to make amends, would i really refuse?

- tcg ☆


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