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☆ - get to know me!

haii, this survey isnt mine i got it from here!! :p

- What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?

hmm, i actually really like using jewelry, especially necklaces, bracelets and rings! i don't use earrings that often because i get allergic depending on the material lol

- Something you miss from high school?

im still in highschool sadly! but i do miss messing around with my friends from last year, even if some teachers were shitty atleast i could laugh with my friends :p

- What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

i usually drink coffee or tea, i don't like eating alot in the morning 

- What’s your favorite meal?

m i dont really have a favorite meal, sushi or chicken with honey and soy sauce i guess !

- Favorite hobby?

drawing :p

- Name a trait that you hate about yourself? 

uhhh probably that i get too anxious? idk

- Middle name?

no thanks ??

- Name 3 thoughts at this moment:

" i got school tomrrow " " I NEED TO WATCH MODERN FAMILY" " i have to draw right neow."

- How did you bring in New Years? 

idk what this question means sorry

- Favorite place to go? 

hhhmm, i like going to the beach alot

- Last thing you ate? 

chicken nuggets with french fries 

- Introvert or extrovert?


- What color shirt are you wearing? 

green, black and white !

- Favorite color? 

pink... green, yellow, i like alot of colors it just depends i guess!

- Favorite girl’s name? 

Pearl or perla in spanish and luz :p

- Favorite boy’s name? 

pedro? idk only bc its a funny name lol

- How many TVs are in your house? 

only one, we dont even use it that much either doe so

- What is your worst habit? 

not talking or ghosting everyone when im in a bad mood or just rly stressed

- How many pets do you have? 

i have 3! one doggy and two cats :3

- What is your favorite candy? 

i dont like candy but i do like chocolate !!!

- What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

m i dont rly think much when i wake up, i just feel annoyed but das it

- Last song you listened to: 

mm i dont remember, probably something about the smiths doe, i love that band

- Something someone might not know about you?

rather not say nything sorry

- Nicknames: 


- Tattoos: 

i dont have any but i wouldnt mind getting a small tattoo when i have the chance!

- Do you like hot-dogs? 

yessss, especially when u cut it in tiny slices and eat it with a toothpick , its rly common to eat it that way in birthdays here :p

- What is your love language?

hmmmmmmmmm, spending time with someone, or giving others gifts 

- Do you believe everything happens for a reason? 

uhh im not sure ? i dont rly think about dat stuff

- Do you usually initiate hugs? 

NO. i never initiate physical contact unless if im joking with my family

- What do you believe we as human beings take most for granted in this world? 

i think we dont rly apreciate nature........if that makes sense, like alot of people dont realize how important nature and its animals are and how big corporates and rich peopple are basically ruining that ... idk !

- Favorite month and why? 

april or  or december, bcos my bday is on april and i like christmas

- How many jobs have you had? List them.  

ooouhh none so far!

- Have you ever met anyone famous? Pics? 

i have met this singer thats rly famous here, his name is lucas sugo, i went to school and still do with his son

- Alcoholic beverage of choice? 

beer or wine

- What’s your favorite love movie? 

dont have one, im not too fond of romantic movies

- What is an unpopular opinion you have? 

uhm idk

- Three things you don’t like that most people do? 

people who are against racism , homophobia etc, but still support and engage with media that support those ideas.

when men try to belittle womens experiences by bringing men issues even doe they themselves dont care about it

and idk 

- Your favorite birthday?

what does this mean idk sorry

- Favorite dessert?

panqueque with dulce de leche :p super yummy and easy to make!

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