i need good black metal recs! (pls)

does anyone have any good black metal songs/bands recs? for reference, i really likeΒ transilvanian hunger by darkthrone (darkthrone overall), moon shrouded in misery pt.3 by xasthur, i also like dream by mutiilation. is there any bands that sound similar to any of these song, but overall i'm okay with any black metal recs. :3Β 

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I would suggest panzerfaust by dark throne, also filosem by burzum, those r my faves :)

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I reccomend the band Hulder.
Its a one woman band and she has actually played live before with the help of a few extra people


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Tony β™«βƒ 

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Hm, I'm not the best when it comes to giving recs, but, from what I read and listened to, maybe you could try out Opferblut by Black Funeral, and maybe Dimension of the Blackest by Forgotten Woods. You MIGHT also like the band Psychonaut 4 if you haven't tried them out yet. If you are just getting into black metal, then I wouldn't worry too much about less known bands or anything too serious right now.

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Ty for the recs! I will def listen to what you recommended!

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