Vampires: Why you shouldn't have a welcome sign

In any case, if vampires are real, I'd advise that you and or your family not have one of those welcome signs near your door. In a lot of vampire folklore, it is said that they can cannot enter your home unless you welcome them in; see what I'm getting at? Because of this "rule" if that is what it's called, the welcome sign is almost like a sign that says "all you can eat buffet!" For they do not need to even go through the hassle of trying to get you to let them in your home. In conclusion, if you are superstitious and have a welcome sign by your door, maybe it's time to replace it.

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noted... many... welcome signs... front door... as possible...

thanks for the advice XO

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If a vampire came into my house I would be sooooo happy :P

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Yeah fr lowkey

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