Should ppl be gatekeeping emo and scene community???

Honest question...

(obs: i'm not a part of either)

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i don't think so, no. they're both pretty much dying subbacultchas anyway. unlike goths or punks, emo and scene tend to be more of an aesthetic than pertinent to a belief or to music, so 'scene posers' aren't really a thing imo, like if you look the part, you /are/ the part, it's not like super strict set. (love the ramona pfp!! <3)

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i was thinking the same think!!!i wasn't rlly sure since i don't know much abt it :') (TYSM AAA ✪ ω ✪ )

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and the NITW stamp.. oh god your taste is unmatched

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i'm literaly cryin aaaaaa thank uuu!!! ur layout is so cool aaaaa

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