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"Rebranding/branding" myself

I really want to get into my performing and stuff. 

I already am thinking about coming out with a pop punk ep by mid 2024, so I'm needing to work on my songs, look, and the vibe for it. 

I've been songwriting for a while (years on and off) and I have been improving. I have written several songs this year already but they're not what I'm looking for. I need to keep trying. 

As far as looks go, I need to make my look a "pink punk fairy".

A mix of scene, punk, 2000s and 2010 mixed with dark fairy aesthetics. Designing the clothes and making them would be cool, great for performance outfits, photoshoot, and my overall look. 

I am experimenting with my style right now, but I will get there.

I'm going to have more of a messy and chaotic year than ever, but that's OK.

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