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📌About Me Thingymabob

A. Age: 14

B. Best Friend: Dal/Din (He don't got Spacehey smh)

C. Currently: Watching Youtube

D. Drink/smoke: Drank before, don't do it anymore but there's occasions; hit vapes before, fuck the fruity ass ones they nasty, pens + carts are cool

E. Eye Color: Hazel

F. Fears: Cockroaches 

G. Games: All the Doom games, Wolfenstein, Postal, COD, GTA, RDR2, Roblox

H. Height: 5'3 or sum

I. Instagram: Don't got it

J. Job: No job yet, probably'll be McDonalds though

K. Kids or no: Nahhh

L. Least Favorite Color: Greenish/brownish yellows

M. Movie You Love: Scream (96) and The Outsiders rn

N. Nicknames: Vince, Vinny, Vinnybob, Keith, Ash

O. One Wish: Never do that one thing that happened that one Summer 

P. Pets: 1 dog 

Q. Quote You Love: "Embrace your ugly, wear it"

R. Relationship Status: Single fr

S. Siblings: 3, all half siblings too

T. Time You Woke Up: Around 11:30 AM today

U. Unknown Fact About You: Me and my bsf threw a lightbulb in my neighbors yard because she was a bitch fr and when my friend left p sure she stepped on it (I still hate that girl)

V. Vacation You Loved: That one time we went to Florida to pick my grandma up from some ppl she was stayin wit and they were all like crackhead hippies and their house was lowkey lit asf (Not a vacation but idc)

W. Worst Habit: Picking at my face and scratching my self when I get anxious

X. X-tra Fact About You: I'm in love with slushies/icees fr

Y. YouTuber You Love: Plagued Moth + Joe Bartolozzi

Z. Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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