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NO IDEA IF BASIL USING THI RIGHT... BUT IT OK.. headcanons cna be anything ofc ofc talk about whatever!! ^_^ ! th silly au.. fo real! ..

some of basil's headcanons r simple but stil fun

- V2 would like to wear human clothes since they find it really fancy and like being able to express themselves more.

- V1 and V2 are siblings and on x-mas they try to gift each other something but it ends up being an explosive. 

- Gabriel is probably a huge fan of NIN an has merch ^_^ 

- V1 when doing something for the first time is usually very destructive! for example it tried playing the piano and would just slam down all the keys.

- V1 also likes to play with red paint :3

- Mirage is a fan of Machine girl

- Sentries r nicknamed kiwis 

sorryw if thsi look weird ;-; no idea hwo to use this

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