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online friends!!

wtf is up with not being able to make online friends anymore

back in 2020 it was genuinely so easy. like i'd be making friends my age through so many different things like even ROBLOX. i mean yeah i'm still able to talk to people online but they aren't true FRIENDS. i miss when i had that one online friend that i'd tell every single thing to them and we just had such a good bond tbh. i want that again, i have nobody to tell every single aspect of my life to and it's been driving me nutss 

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SAME!!! i remember when i was little and i played minecraft with these teens and they were so nice to me and they told me how they were excited to go to college and all that stuff and i would tell them how my day at school went and it was awesome. I miss being able to connect with people so easy !!

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RIGHT,, the minecraft friends were superior i miss that so much

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