i need a JobbBBBBb

I so don't want a job rn. I do but I don't. I need to save 15k+ by this time next year or I won't have enough to transfer and ill have to ask someone for help. I was gonna be a lifeguard but I failed the lifeguard tests MISERABLY also my swim instructor apparently was a creep and I got odd vibes from him but idk. I had to dive for the brick and when I came up I accidentally slapped him on the head twice. LITTERALY SO EMBARRASSING!!! but anyways I was doing so good and I did the 12 laps the first day but it gradually went down day after day and I ended up w 2 on the test. one of the ppl in my group tho was like SUUUPER cute and I fell in love istg. I'm sort of glad tho bc I don't want to get tan. I am gonna try and be a server at Wafflehouse next and be extra cutie patootie and rack in those dollar bills, or I can be a cook bc they make a lot. I would go to Walmart bc they pay 14$ an hour but they aren't hiring. omg and I've also been putting off the drivers test cus i am LAAZYYY :((((((

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struggle is real :'(

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ong my time is alr taken by my gf my Nintendo switch

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