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Nina Ichihara!

「 ...Can Nina really try on lot of kigurumis? In that case, Nina's fine with aiming to be an idol together, okay? But Nina absolutely doesn't want you to make her lonely at all... Is that fine, Producer? 」

Basic stuffs

Full name 市原仁奈 (Ichihara Nina)
Age 9
Height 128 cm
Weight 29 kg
Blood type B
Three sizes 61-57-67 cm
Handedness Left
Horoscope Aquarius
Hometown Shizuoka
Hobbies Collecting kigurumi

Who is she?

Nina ichihara is a very naive and innocent little girl. She loves to wear kigurumis because it makes people interested in her, in fact she has an entire wardrobe full of kigurumis! Lots and lots, in fact... But beyond that, she is very hard-working and passionate as an idol. She wants to wear lots and lots of kigurumis, bring lots and lots of smiles, and have LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!!! YAY FOR NINA!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does she love kigurumis so much?

From what has been told, she wears kigurumis because it brings her attention. They're pretty cute and attention-grabbing after all, to see a little girl wearing a onesie playing with her friends... In fact, she feels very discomforted at the idea of not being able to wear them because she thinks it will push people away and nobody will care about her anymore, although that has been disproven in the U149 anime. She has LOTS of friends regardless!

This is more of my own personal comment, but I feel like Nina really is attached to her kigurumis even without the whole "don't wanna be lonely" aspect. She has an entire wardrobe full of kigurumis and she loves them, you REALLY need to be dedicated to them to even put in the effort and make an entire wardrobe with all of that. Not just that but in cingeki (basically short comics) she has shown to be able to "act like animals" depending on what kigurumi she wears, almost as if she can feel an animal's feelings!

Why does she care about not being lonely?

Nina is the daughter of two very neglectful parents. So neglectful that when she goes to the playground and play with her friends, she makes other children's parents concerned about her family. It has never been implied that her family has done any kind of direct abuse towards her (physical or emotional abuse), but her mother and father is very busy with work and Nina is usually alone. Despite that though, she has a lot of friends so she's still a happy girl nonetheless! She wants to make LOOOOTS of friends!

Other fun facts!

  • In japanese, she has a very unique speech pattern, although this one is the most notable:
    Although she uses polite conjugations, she tends to mispronounce the word with "ai" vowels as "ee" such as: -kudasai as -kudasee, or -nai as -nee; and uses the very rude -yagaru instead of more respectful or neutral transaction modifiers like -itadaku, -kureru, and -yaru. https://project-imas.wiki/Nina_Ichihara#Fan_Culture

    I suck at describing it, but yeah.

  • She is shown to be fond of gardening (from the U149 anime)
  • She is a talent for impersonating other idols
  • She is in charge of the rabbits at her school
  • It is said that she has over 80 pairs of kigurumis!
  • She's also good at poetry (as told by nono morikubo, funnily enough she doesn't even know what poetry is anyways lol)
  • Today is Nina day! More specifically, every single 27th day of each month is Nina day. This is more like a fan culture thing. 2 japanese is "ni" and 7 in japanese is "na(na)" and you can read out NINA!

Why to like her

She has a very special place in my heart because I relate to her. I don't like the idea of being lonely, as much as other people love convincing themselves that I'm an introvert. No I'm not, I'm just really shut-in and really socially awkward. Sometimes words won't come out of my mouth and I just regret everything later on, it sucks, but unlike me, Nina-chan can speak up and make lots of friends. She's fun, playful, and spreads a positive energy for everyone despite her circumstances. You can find your own happiness in the end! To be honest, I envy her with many things, but I really can't help but adore her. Not just with her adorable personality and cute quirks, but she just stands out, even from the adults! I can see why many people enjoy her.

She also has an article written about her from kigurumi.com! It's well-deserved really, you should give it a read. She's a very big kigurumi enthusiast after all, she deserves a spotlight on the all things kigurumi site itself.


I hope this makes you interested in Nina-chan, she's very adorable. I wouldn't say underrated but she's very lovable, and she also has her own image song too! TWO OF THEM IN FACT!!! (Image songs are basically a song about herself, sung by herself!) Also a lot of this blog only gives you key information about her, there's so much more content about her out there and I suggest you check it out if it makes you interested.

My own extras: I spent a lot of time writing this, I stayed up late at night just for this and continued to work on it until today. I really love Nina and I hope you get to love her as much as I do, or you already love her and you just want to read about her!! I don't care!! This blog post is something I've been having in mind for a long time and I finally made it a reality!! I hope you enjoy, I'll make blog posts about other girls soon!

「 Nina’s kigurumis are really amazin’! 」

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