vsauce Micheal here

Come with me on a journey of wonder,

A place where knowledge never goes under.

A channel where curiosity thrives,

And your mind expands and never deprives.

Here’s the place where your heart beats fast,

And your mind is challenged, things unsurpassed.

A place where knowledge meets creativity,

And science is taught with such dexterity.

From fascinating facts to philosophical musings,

You’ll learn things that will leave you musing.

The mysteries of the universe, our bodies, and our brains,

Will leave you with a thirst for learning that forever remains.

Vsauce is the place where learning springs,

And curiosity takes control of all things.

So, join me now on this exhilarating ride,

And let your mind grow tall and wide.

It's time to subscribe to Vsauce,

And explore the world without any pause,

So, let your curiosity guide you through,

And discover the wonders that await you.

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