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Meet me ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚

༶•┈┈୨About Me୧┈┈•༶

name: Michael

age: 15

ethnicity: Jamaican/American

pronouns: THey/He

gender: Genderfluid

sexuality: Bi

type: infp

My carrd


name: Michael

nickname: Mic

birthday: August 7

height: 5'7


Zodiac: Leo

any piercings?: Just ears but I want more

tattoos?: none but I do want some 

any siblings?: a little bro and big sis

what do you like to wear?: Band T-shirts


book?; Good Omens 

color? Green

movie?: Scott Pilgrim vs the World

celebrity?:Michael Sheen/ David Tennant 

place?:My room

non-alcoholic drink?: orange juice

day of the week?: Friday


a month?: October 

City?: London

country?: Germany

animal?: Sheep

time of the day?: afternoon!!

 song at the moment?: This Love - Maroon 5 

friend: Bubble!


 a place to be?: school

time of the day?: Morning

day of the week: Monday

animal to you?: wasps

drink?: N/A

food?: tomatoes

have u ever...

been so drunk that you can't remember?: No

cheated: no

been cheated on?: yes

been in love?: yes 24/7

been on TV?: no

stolen anything?: possibly

been on stage?: yes

passed out?: yes 

had surgery?: no

broke the law intentionally?: no

had a friend pass away?: yes :(

been lied to?: yep

been dumped?: nope

do you...

do drugs?: no

get drunk?: nope

dance?: horribly

party?: don't get invited lol

sing?: yes 24/7

play an instrument?: bass, violin, keyboard, and guitar

get along with your parents?: a little

think you are attractive?: Sometimes

swear?: a little

smoke?: never 

get motion sickness?: yes

wear contacts/glasses?: glasses 

get good marks?: in the easy stuff

watch cartoon?: yes

write poems/stories?: yes 

take a particular medicine?: yes

go to a psychologist?: no

have a pet?: I used to have a cat but I'm allergic so I gave it back, And a dog

are you allergic to something?: animals :( and dust

play an online RPG?: yes

get online on MSN a lot?: yes

google a lot?: yes

have fights?: I have been in 3

read magazines?: nope

read comics?: yes

how frequently do you go to the hairdresser?: once a month

get along with your teachers?: not really, I don't talk to them


what's your preferred genre of music?: Alternative, Indie 

all-time favorite band/artist?: top 3 Leslie Odom Jr, panic! at the disco, Glass animals 

all-time favorite song?: top 3 Take a slice(glass animals) Northern Downpour(Panic! at the disco) u r my everything(leslie odom jr)

how many CDs, MP3s, or Records of your favorite band/artist do you have?: 1 Leslie Odom jr, 1 Nirvana, 3 Panic! at the Disco

what's your favorite radio station?: I don't listen to the radio

classical?: sometimes

rap?: no

pop?: yes

country?: yes

emo/screamo?: yes

heavy metal?: yes

techno?: not really

reggae?: A little

r&b?: A little


movie you watched?: Unthinkable

person you talked to on the phone?: Tom(my bf <3)

cigarette?: never

song played?: Take a slice - Glass animals

thing you ate?: mussels

time you took a bubble bath?:2 days ago

time you got drunk?: never

time you read a book?: last night

email you got?: n/a

do you believe in...

God?: kinda

religions?: kinda

aliens?: a little

ghosts?: yes

afterlife?: yes

yourself?: a little

astrology?: yes

karma?: yes

magic?: yes

in a girl/boy

hair: any

eyes: any

hobbies: any

style of clothing: any

kiss on the first date?: maybe 3rd 

love at first sight?: YES. but love can grow


your dream: live in London

do you want to get married?: yes hehe

love?: TOMMY <3

I wanna be: stylish

all you need is: love

you in 3 words: autistic, introverted, musician 

what is your worst characteristic?: I don't speak up for myself 

what are your fears?: being alone

what is your weakness?: bugs n scary thing T_T

favorite quote?: "I don't wanna go" Doctor Who season 4 episode 8, The Tenth Doctor 

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