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hey world!

Hey there, random denizen of the internet! it's me :)

This is my first time posting on spacehey, so please no hate lol

just to keep things simple, these are some rules for my profile page:

1. No hate pls!!

This means no homphobia, racism, sexism, eg.

2. IM codes

Not exactly a rule, but since I want 2 know who im talking to lol, if you know me in real life, (not online) then before we start talking, just IM me the word tiktok so I know that i know you already (this makes sure i dont tell the wrong people the wrong stuff). thx!

3. Keep it chill.

This is kid of like #1, but my page is going to just be a chill space to chat or talk fandoms and stuff. Let other people have opinions and just pls be nice guys 💀

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