- hi, so uhm... i was rlly cringe back then so im gonna change!! mainly cause

1. improving myself, i wasnt a very happy person back then

2. its embarrasing to look back on myself and see this, also, im going to highschool so..

3. not wanting to be around.. weirdos... ive finding that most people who had the same interests as me when i was the way i was when posting on here, ended up being freaks and weirdos. (prob a school problem, not rlly a spacehey thing but still.)

SOOO... i switched up some things i had in here (not a lot changed, mainly just trying to stay true to myself). i find it a bit sad because i wasnt true about who i really was, but im gonna do that now. because honestly, im sick of playing a weird persona all the time. (i swear, i have like 15 personas i have to play in all different places, both irl AND online..)

- soo.. hii theree!!! im shiloh, or shiloh marie webster.

you can also call me emmie or shiely or shi or whatevs.

im a 14 yr old, who lives in ohio/cincy! i sometimes need tone tags but most times, ill just ask what u mean so. my favorite movie is american psycho, im a bit of a narc.., i dont watch a lot of tv, i draw and write about my characters which make me really happy!

- quick warning if you maybe want to talk to me or get into contact; i do rlly overreact and i do swear im changing and imrpoving on this and a lot of other things but i do have times where i lash out and throw a fit or start sobbing and whining and i do have mood swings. sometimes these mood swings do change how i percieve myself and even change how i act, dress, think, and react. so, please keep this in mind if you want to get into contact with me or message me or anything that has to do wit talking to me. tyty

- anyways, ama; i dont mind answering questions!! :) all questions welcomed.

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