Story time!

So I went to the theater. The play was about Ancient Egypt, organized by my school's drama club. I went onto the backstage, and discovered that someone in the drama club is a furry.

TL;DR, I stumbled upon a furry in my school.

It all started with a simple UwU.

They asked me if I'm a weeb, to which I replied, “I'm a furry.”

They said, “Ah yeah, me too!”

And I said, “What's your fursona?”
And they said, “I like cats, so I guess a snow leopard?”

I told them to guess mine. Their first guess?
Something generic, like a wolf.

Then they noticed that I'm wearing a leather jacket.
They asked me, “Is your fursona a hyena?”
And I'm like… uh, yeah? What gave it away?
And they're like, “I noticed you're wearing a leather jacket.”

And then we talked about furry anime for about five minutes.

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