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🌊. lgbtphobic, racist, xenophobic, proshippers, etc.

🌩ī¸. dsmp/dream stans (notice the stans)

🌊. twitter users /j (no but /hj)

🌩ī¸. ppl who spam dms and stuff

🌊. trolls

🌩ī¸. pick me's of any kind

🌊. 18+

🌩ī¸. -11

🌊. ppl who gatekeep shows/movies/characters

🌩ī¸. kpop anti (specifically anti any groups i like)

🌊. if you dislike kpop stans! (im a kpop stan :3)


☁ī¸. i like to ramble abt my interests. a lot.

đŸŒĒī¸. i can get clingy very easily! if u need space just tell me

☁ī¸. i am autistic, so its difficult to pick up on social cues n stuff, don't expect me to be able to read between the lines.

đŸŒĒī¸. i need tone indicators!

☁ī¸. i am very stubborn and passionate about certain things

đŸŒĒī¸. i can be mean on accident! if i hurt u pls just tell me /srs

☁ī¸. i love love love stray kids and will ramble about them for the rest of eternity

đŸŒĒī¸. i love kpop :3

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