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Which manga artist do you think is underrated?

To me I really like Kouji Kumeta , the creator of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei , Joshiraku and kakushigoto, his simplistic yet very unique artstyle has really inspired my work , since i find animes with overly detailed artstyles abit off to look at (this can work , inaka isha has an extremely complex creepy animation, but its fitting for the contents .) His work is also really funny , do you know that one famous opening called the Joshiraku dance? Yeah .. HE IS THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE ANIME!! I think his stuff is worth checking out , especially since its extremely underrated (abit of a warning for Zetsubou sensei , as it can get offensive and weird sometimes , the rest is good tho).

Nozomu Itoshiki! <3

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Jun Mayuzuki, artist of the manga Kowloon Generic Romance. I really reccomend it, it has a very interesting plot and beautifully drawn characters, donĀ“t miss this amazing manga!!!

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I love his angular artstyle!!! It's so beautiful!!! I will check it out!

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