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*ੈ✩‧₊˚ summer surveys cause my schoolyear's ending!!

20 Random Summer Questions made by GlamCat

Do you have any plans for this summer?

Yes!! I'm probably going to my cousin's house and hopefully hang out with my friends more cause all of our schedules were filled with school :'>

What were summers like when you were a kid?

They consisted of staying at home, trying to find a spot in the house where it wasn't too hot, watching barbie movies, making my own music videos that sometimes featured my brother, a lot of  ice cream and ice candy! (my favorite flavors are chocolate and grape if anyones asking...) and blasting music all over the house, though I do that in any season...

If your power goes out in a thunderstorm, how would you entertain yourself?

I would go  through my gallery on my phone or ipad and look through my old memories and random things I saved. But if I get bored of that I would go and annoy my other family members or look for a book to read... but I'd get distracted in like 5 minutes

How do you usually dress in hot weather?

I use more vibrant colors that normally wouldn't fit in other seasons, I'd put my hair up in cute hair accessories. I'd try to make my outfit look like my pinterest boardss loll

Have you ever had a summer fling?


How hot does it get where you live?

In the Philippines... near the equator... we have a tropical climate... let's just say it feels like I'm spinning around in a microwave sometimes...

What are some of your favorite outdoor summer activities?

Swimming! playing sports like badminton or volleyball even tho I suck honestly. Just walking around here and there, drawing maybe?

What does summer smell like to you?

The beach

What’s the best way to cool off without air conditioning?

Ice cream or any iced drink 

What drinks remind you of summer?

I don't know honestly, I guess vibrant colored drinks loll. Lemonade??

What’s a good movie for a backyard movie night?

H20, aquamarine, or literally any movie that involves mermaids.

and also high school musical 3... 

What annoys you about the summertime?

how short it is :((

What is your dream summer vacation?

Going to Hawaii, unlimited budget, no itinerary.

On a road trip, would you sit in the driver’s seat, passenger’s seat, or back seat?

back seat, being in the two front seats gives me anxiety especially with bumpy roads. And as a youngest sibling I'm used to sitting in the back beside a bunch of luggage, and I get to play the music! Back seat naps are also just such a vibe.

If you could host a music festival, who would you ask to perform?

HELP that is such a good question!!! The first people that  come to mind are NIKI, Lola Amour, beabadobe, Sabrina Carpenter, newjeans, blackpink, XG, and I'd consult my friends to give more suggestions loll

Have you ever had a stay-cation (vacation where you stay at home)?

yess! they are vibes.

What does the perfect summer evening look like?

after swimming shower, a little pink eyeshadow and lipgloss, yummy dinner, walking around the neighborhood with friends, some karaoke, and a movie to stay up late to. (preferably bingewatching all barbie movies with my friends)

What’s the perfect summer meal?


Would you rather spend a week in a tree house or on a sailboat?

tree house... a week on a sailboat in the middle of the sea sounds terrifying... and it sounds really fun to decorate a tree house to stay in, a lot of fun things to do like crochet, read a book or comic books,  make some art, listen to music, watch movies or reality tv, do some diys

Do you like to go to any summer sports events?

naurr I'm not into sports, but I'm happy to accompany a loved one <3

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