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The impossible

The thing called life is pretty worthless if you don't do anything with it.

How can my life mean something if I can't save a single person?

Maybe D was right, they're just as worthless as me.

But I wanna help. At least one person. Not really for my own good. Because yes, if my life were sacrificed to help the other one that would mean I didn't die being an useless piece of shit. But I would be glad just to see someone's life getting better. They are not worthless anymore. I helped.

...and yet, I can't save everyone. I want everyone around me to be happy. Aaaand yet. Such a simple goal and I can't even go with one person? Why would I tell people about my problems if they all have their ones, it would only make their lives harder. Everything I do turns out to be just as worthless and meaningless as I am. And still I will not end my life because I want to see them happy for at least one time.

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