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Our paths crossed like it was brought on by some kind of magic. Treacherous and cruel. I long for more time and interaction with you. My darling friend, I miss you dearly. 

If I could ask you anything, truly anything, it wouldn’t be about work. I would ask you how you are, really? How are you healing? How was the pandemic for you? How is your day to day life? Are you ok? I hope you are ok. 

I would say that I think about you more often than I probably should. I would say I’m sorry for judging you so harshly, because as time goes on I do think you are a good person. I would say that I miss how things were. I miss our friends. I miss our group. I miss all of it. I miss you. I miss you standing at my desk. I miss you bringing me coffee. I think about you so much. I just hope you are ok. I have a lot of love for you my friend. 

Past that, I miss everyone else as well. I didn’t think I would ever miss our little group. I took it for granted. Now I cherish those times we spent together. I put up a front, but as time went on I grew more soft towards you and them. C annoying the crap out of me, T and her love of animals and innocence, Ch and his leadership and rebellious opinions, S and her love of cosplay. I’m angry still. I’m angry at what the pandemic took from all of us. Anyways…. 

It all came back today when we saw you. For a second I remembered how it was. I miss it. I miss them. I miss you, T. 

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