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What Ice Cream Flavor Are You? -- Made by GlamCat 😊


() Your name begins with C. 

(x) You have a serious sweet tooth. 

(x) You’re a night owl. 

(x) You like mystery/thriller movies. 

() You have brown eyes. 

(x) Your hobbies include music or art. 

Total: 4/6


(x) You enjoy taking baths. 

() You read romance novels. 

(x) You have stuffed animals. 

(x) You don’t like drama. 

() You think you’re boring. 

() Your bed sheets are white. 

Total: 3/6


(x) You’re terrible at making decisions. 

(x) You love pop or emo music. 

() You’re wearing three different colors. 

() Your favorite number is 3 or contains a 3. 

() You played a sport in school. 

() You mix soda flavors together. 

Total: 2/6

Mint Chocolate Chip

(x) Green is your favorite color. 

() You have an unusual pet. 

() You want an electric car. 

(x) You often spend time outside. 

() You brush your teeth 3 times a day. 

() You enjoy cooking. 

Total: 2/6

Rocky Road

(x) You love rock music. 

(x) You workout often. 

() You watch reality shows. 

() You collect rocks. 

() You’re kind of messy. 

(x) You like vintage things. 

Total: 3/6

My Ice Cream Flavor:  Chocolate 😊🍦

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