witchs heart homestuck au

theyre all trolls tho . idk if i know a lot of ppl that like witchs heart on here 8ut

claire elford : leo, olive8lood, rogue of hope, derse dreamer, fistkind, matesprits w noelle, trolltag is "surrealGateau"

noelle levine : capricorn, fuschia mutant, sylph of time, derse dreamer, 8ladekind, matesprits w claire and auspistice for ashebr and sirius, moirails w ashebr, trolltag is "timelessMagician"

ashebr adleye (dont question the name i was trying my 8est to make it sound like his) : virgo, jade8lood, thief of heart, prospit dreamer, scalpelkind, matesprits w wilard, kismeses w sirius (with noelle auspisticizing), moirails w noelle, trolltag is "witchyRetribution"

wilard oadler (dont question his too please im TRYING!!!!!!!!) : scorpio, cerulean8lood (im cerulean8lood too ::::D), heir of space, prospit dreamer, pistolkind, matesprits w ashebr, moirails w sirius, trolltag is "archaicLuger"

sirius gibson : gemini, violet mutant (sorry for all the mutants i cant see him as a low8lood), seer of rage, derse dreamer, lighterkind, kismeses w ashebr (with noelle auspisticizing), moirails w wilard, trolltag is "tenseTaliman"

chart below:

i also have their typing quirks 8ut i feel like thatd be too much to add in text ::::3 ok 8aiiiiiiii

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omg i had the most genius idea ever ill make them in that troll maker thingy ::::3

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