About Me A-Z survey

About Me A-Z
Made by GlamCat
A. Age: 17

B. Best Friend: Don't have one

C. Currently: Just finished my schoolwork

D. Drink/smoke: Nope

E. Eye Color: Brown

F. Fears: Not being alone

G. Games: The Wolf Among Us, Bully, Minecraft

H. Height: 5'5 ½

I. Instagram: Don't have one

J. Job: Don't have one currently

K. Kids or no: I'M 17

L. Least Favorite Color: Mustard yellow

M. Movie You Love: Joker, You Were Never Really Here

N. Nicknames: Bean, Lentils

O. One Wish: 🤫

P. Pets: I used to have pet earthworms. Used to.

Q. Quote You Love: "Narcissus weeps to find that his Image does not return his love."

R. Relationship Status: Single, not looking

S. Siblings: I have an older brother

T. Time You Woke Up: 10:00 AM-ish

U. Unknown Fact About You: I'm trying to make a comic

V. Vacation You Loved: I've never been on vacation

W. Worst Habit: Sleeping too much/weird sleeping patterns

X. X-tra Fact About You: I'm also writing a book :3

Y. YouTuber You Love: Fosc X

Z. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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