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May 15th, 2023

so yesterday I actually went around and did some shit, so here's all the stuff i did:


a picture of some clouds and street lamps and trees, in the day time

unfortunately, but not surprisingly, target was very mid. i went there looking for some movies and music, but didn't really find anything worth picking up

me standing in the music / film / books section of target

music section

here were the scenes:

the very empty music section at target

not much of anything, a knocked over "butter" by BTS box, pretty much 0 CDs, not even normal people music, it's like what 50 y/o corporation execs think normal people music is. but hey tron is still here!!! 

I was very surprised not to see random access memories 10 year anniversary here, I feel like that would be a giant release, hell I found homework at books a million (which has mostly the same selections as target).

new jonas brothers album being so incredibly in stock

as we can see here, nobody gives a fuck about the new jonas brothers exclusive target pressing... because in 2023 who would tbh. stocked to the BRIM, 0 space behind these. also hiiiii ed sheeran :/

⚠️ It's BeReal Time!

BeReal photo, I'm staring blankly at the music section in target with the caption "winning the idgaf war" and the song playing being "Subcosmos - Local (Wyhatt Remix)"

movies section

literally NOTHING worth picking up, except for Pearl, hiiii pearl. it was way too expensive for my liking (and my bank account), so I passed for now. cool cover tho


books a million

i never look at the books here, i skip to the corner of the store where they put the records and browse here, even though it hasn't changed in like a year.

books a million music section

hiiiii mitski

Mitski - Laurel Hell

hiii beyonce. 

this is actually my favorite album of all time as of late, and i've been meaning to pick up this collectors edition of it for a minute. however it's like $40 and that's half of my bank account so I passed for now.... but sooner or later it will be mine. these haven't moved since the last time I came here, so they'll probably still be here by the time I get my money up. (helloooo 18th birthday and job)


so yeah. that was pretty much everything notable at books a million, which I mean, you shouldn't expect much from a "big business" bookstore. but you have to make do when the only real record store is at least 30 minutes away in any direction. ("🤓 erm actually it's like this for everyone" IDC shut up!!!! stop nope nope don't careeeee... don't care....). 

anyways. I walked out of books a million to go to my car to head to....

walking to car


now to be fair, I wasn't really expecting much lol. but I did want to look at the movies section, because i'm in my movie era yeah yeah whatever. 

I set my expectations way too high and tried looking for requiem for a dream, in which i stood there for 10(?) minutes panning my eyes up and down the white shelves, only to either not find it or miss it. yeah my fault but maybe next time! 

anyways the guy actually had a cart full of new movies / cds and stuff, one of the new things that was brought in was a Destiny 2 PS4 disc, which is very funny because who would want that. also some PS2(or 1, i don't remember) discs with tomb raider which was kinda interesting. 

anyways I ended up picking out a guitar hero game and just decided to grab it because why not. this is actually the only thing I ended up buying throughout this entire adventure, spoilers sorry :p

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for the Xbox 360 at Goodwill

call of duty black ops 3 pants

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Pants at Goodwill


because why not


movies section

hiii pearl. I actually should've gotten this one, it's only $15 and the one at target was like $30 something (I swear???)

kinda dry over here but everything everywhere all at once was also here! and south park: post covid + south park season 25, which I was considering picking up but ehhhhhhhhh.

also I was very tempted to check the $5 movie bin, but that shit was in the middle of the walkway and that's embarrassing, if it was like where the shelves were then I would've been digging through that like a raccoon 🦝.

Pearl at Walmart

music section

hiiiii lana

ok so I was actually looking for RENAISSANCE on CD here (and also kinda at target), and unfortunately I couldn't find it :( and I remember seeing it here or somewhere so :p oh well.

Lana Del Rey at Walmart

sonic + andrew's house + beyond!!!!

mkay so after walmart I went to sonic and grabbed me a cherry slushy, very great loved it lots.


then after that I went to Andrew's house, where the 6 of us watched (half of) "evil bong" and played some quiplash

andrew's houseLetterboxd

(btw the best way to play quiplash is to do this:)

"y'all we made a new game mode in quiplash, put anyone you wanna talk shit about (AND YOURSELF) into one of those wheel sites. spin it 5 times, put them in a list. all answers have to be about those 5 people."

the end :-)

anyways, that was my day yesterday :)

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