RAVEN !! (oc nd art stuff)

Hello! This is my first time posting a blog on here and i decided it to be about one of my ocs Raven :D i am going to show some art of them and write a couple things about him,

Enjoy! :)


this is him :3 i lowkey don't have any other good drawings of them bruh

Some things about Raven 

Raven is a scemo kid that rlly likes music, 

She likes drawing (traditionally), playing the bass, and writing stuff like poems (in secret tho)

He goes by any pronouns (mostly he/she) 

They are agender, omnisexual, and ace 

He's Greek and Turkish

Her best friend is my friends oc (i forgot how to spell their name I'm sorry💀)

Some bands and artists he likes:

Silverstein, eyes set to kill, Pierce the veil, escape the fate, my chemical romance, get scared, evanescence, millionaires, S3RL, Deftones, Queen, Melanie Martinez, Radiohead and a lot more ofc that i can't think of rn

He also likes fandom songs bc nostalgia 

I don't have that much information on them yet tbh

Me and my friend both worked on this oc together, i designed him and both of us came up with some things about her, which was a pretty fun thing to do :3


This is pretty much it! If anybody actually does happen to see this blog (which i kinda doubt tbh) it'd be cool to leave some comments about things u think my oc would do, or just idk anything bruh

BYEEE !!!!! ^_^

3 Kudos


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Dude the perspective on ur OC is low key mindblowing :-D

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★ cosmic1sm !

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He looks like such a kewl person!! I love her fit too :3

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wow this is amazing informatidion i am intaking.

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