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undertale rant/talk/character analysis??? idk im jst talkin :3

I'm just going to jump right in by saying, toriel should is not as (i guess) “holy” as most think. I mean that as in like, basically all the blame for the fallen children's deaths is put on asgore, when toriel also had a part to play in it. now don't get me wrong i fuckin love toriel and asgore is definitely the main reason so many kids died. But toriel could have just, not left in the first place, or at the very least go with the children through the underground. or maybe even not let the child go in the first place? she tells us as we try to exit the ruins that asgore will kill us, and still lets us through. she is basically opening deaths' door for us by letting us leave. obviously toriel knows this because you can tell she feels guilty for the other children's deaths, she knows she basically let them go and die. the problem is that she has done this over and over and over again. then again, if she didnt let us go or went with us there really wouldnt be much of a game would there? so maybe its pointless talking about this and you just wasted time reading this but it was fun to rant a little. (i could go in more detail but this is already long and probably confusing). anyways lmk if you want more hot undertale takes and ill see ya latr!

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