A rant about Safe Spaces (CW for Christianity)

I'm in an ‘Alabama Furries’ group chat. Obviously, I'm not expecting some particularly inclusive administration here, to preface.

A Christian joins and says (very loudly and invasively, out of nowhere) that we should all say a prayer to God. A few people muse “oh the prayer guy is back.” An admin remarks “It wouldn't be the south without a prayer dude.”

I laugh and agree, though begrudgingly comment “though i guess in gotta get prepared to be made frequently extremely uncomfortable by him.”

This is, of course where the conversation below begins.

B: “Im buddhist, he doesn't bother me. You don't have to read his message or talk to him. He chooses to spread the words of his book more power too him.”
A: “If another person's belief scares you, you should stay at home 😎”
B: “well off the internet. lol.”
A: “No. People outside have different beliefs, They're just not advertising it, like our friend Steven.”

To this, I replied with the enormous rant you're about to read, which is the subject of this entry.

“you know, you two, some people do in fact have trauma they deal with. its pretty fun (that is sarcasm). also you kinda do have to read his messages if your eyes cross them because the way the human brain works, which is usually mitigated by a block button that actually does anything but we dont deserve one of those on telegram. either way i merely said i would prepare to be made uncomfortable by him. theres a lot of people who struggle with everyday occurrences as a result of trauma or disability but they gotta suck it up, as do i. obviously theres a dramatic difference with online spaces in that they actually CAN be moderated for the purpose of making the most people comfortable, unlike the real world. and while i certainly agree that no online group is remotely obligated to do so and i certainly dont expect that from an alabama group of all places, it is worth noting that dissimilarity to reality is not a good excuse to avoid granting people a bastion of safety while they do use the internet, not everyone is able to be desensitized to the things that upset them, yknow? frankly if i wasnt able to clench my teeth on my trauma triggers i wouldn't have joined an alabama group in the first place, but i see a lot of people dismissing the concept of online communities that avoid conflict points like i described. and frankly i think thats silly. even the most sensitive of people deserve to have a place they feel like they can belong, cuz its not like they dont have to suffer through their triggers hitting them constantly in the real world.”

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