Horror suggestions? Also, a survey

Thanks to Byron talking about publishing some writing, I am now beginning to look into submitting some of my own writing. If you like horror, do you have any favorite magazines, anthologies, etc? I’ve found a few that sound potentially promising, but I have not read magazines with any regularity in ages, so I don’t trust my judgement fully.

Anyway, onto the survey!


Is it currently raining where you are?

What's something that you have been wanting to say to someone?
I quit. Of course, I can’t. 

What's your favorite thing to do at the end of the day?
play some video games 

When did you last use a lighter or matches?
Last night 

Do you or anyone you know have covid or the flu?
a coworker was sick yesterday, not sure what with

Do you have a hard time letting things go?

What did you last have to eat?
cheese popcorn 

Are you allergic to anything that is unusual?

When did you last feel fear?
It’s been a while

What did you last drop?
My phone. Now there’s a tiny crack in the case. I just ordered a replacement, but I’m not ready to use it. Just want to have it available. 

Have you ever been to a Halloween themed amusement park?

What's something about your health that you would like to change?
I’d love to have all uninjured joints, for starters 

When did you last look on the mirror?
a bit ago in the bathroom 

When did you last have to go to the doctor?
I don’t remember 

What color is your favorite shirt?
I’m not gonna try to figure out my favorite shirt. Current shirt is a vibrant blue. 

What last made you smile?
trying to imitate a picture of a friend

Have you ever walked through a sunflower field?
I’ve never even seen one

How often do you listen to music?
just about every workday, barring any situation where I forgot to charge my headphones 

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?
I enjoy several of her songs, but I also dislike a bunch of her stuff. I’ll let you decide for yourself if that makes me a fan or not.

What's your favorite song from her?
Shake It Off

Would you be happy if you got a lifetime supply of the last thing you purchased?
It’s a DVD, so barring it breaking on me, I p much already am

What's something great that has happened to you recently?
Nothing comes to mind

How old were you when you had your first best friend?
I think I became aware of that idea in second grade, so 6 or 7. Not sure when in the school year we had to write about our best friend for class.

Do you believe that anything is infinite?

What did you last order from a fast food restaurant?
some chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, Frosty, and a drink from Wendy’s. The sandwich was super good. I might have also gotten fries. I don’t get fast food often since I moved in with my wife all those years ago. Especially since we moved to NC.

How often do you have to purchase shampoo and conditioner?
I stopped washing my hair with anything other than water at some point in 2020. I think I’ve shampooed it like twice since then. I almost never used conditioner in the past.

What was the last pain you've had on your body?
my neck hurts a little

Is there anything currently bothering you?
having to work for a living

Would you ever paint your bedroom bright blue?
I’ve never lived somewhere I could paint the walls. It’s never occurred to me. So probably not. 

What's your favorite way to eat rice?
fried rice. I particularly enjoyed the hibachi-fried rice at Something’s Fishy in Santa Barbara (not sure if it’s a chain or local restaurant).

Do you currently have a window open?
doesn’t seem like it

What kind of jacket do you like wearing most?
I like a light jacket but don’t know enough clothing terms to better describe it. Unfortunately the weather in NC does not lend itself to the wearing of a light jacket very often. 

Do you own a sherpa blanket?

Are you currently wearing something green?

Have you recently lost something?
I don’t think so

What's something that has really impacted your life?
getting laid off in 2014

What scents can you currently smell?
nothing I can describe. It’s rather faint, whatever it is. 

What did you last have as a snack?
some store bought chocolate chip cookies 

Are you currently listening to music?

Would you say you're a strong person?
probably not

What's something you miss from the past?
having an easy job that paid proportionally more than my lifestyle cost

When did you last rush for something?
yesterday evening 

Do you require a lot of personal space or do you enjoy being around people often?
depends on the people and the activity, but I’m generally fine socializing only occasionally. 

Have you drank enough water today?
no, but the day’s still young 

Do you like lima beans?

What's something/someone you will always defend?
it’s never come up

What was the last lie you told?
I try to not do that, but I’m sure I have. I mostly do my best to give vague, noncommittal responses instead.

What did you last plug into an outlet?
battery charger 

Do you have anything due soon?

How many bottles do you see from where you're sitting?

What was the last thing you took a picture of?
my sage plant: it’s flowering!

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