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HI !!! here’s a lil list of everything u need 2 kno b4 u interact >_<


Most of this should be a given but I’ll list them anyways lol

- Proshippers / comshippers or whatever the fuck

- Homophobes / Transphobes

- Racist 

- Pedophile / MAPs

- Sexist / Misogynistic

- Anti-Semetic

- Xenophobic / Islamphobic

- Ableist

- Unsupportive of neopronouns / xenogenders

- Mspec lesbians / Supporters

- Anti-Self Diagnosis

- Anti-Recovery

- Dsmp stans / supporters

- Anti-Furry

- People from the past who I’ve blocked


things u should know abt me before interacting

DISCOMFORTS: Homestuck, Object shows, PASWG, Madoka Magica

(please don’t mention these things around me)

I tend to get upset very easily over seemingly little things, so please be patient with me! When I’m upset I sometimes isolate myself from most people, so if i go quiet that is most likely why.

I talk about my hyperfixations + interests ALOT, and I tend to ramble sometimes. If this annoys or bothers you please let me know!! 

I generally don’t like talking about this but I do struggle alot with my mental health and I may become distant sometimes. I’m sorry! I usually get out of it eventually bit it has happened before.

I have ALOT of trouble answering messages, though I will try my best to respond as soon as I’m able! I often put it off and then forget about the message when I had the intention to reply, so if I don’t answer after awhile that’s usually why.

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