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cubs about me on their offical myspace from 2008:

"About cub

greetings! this is the official cub myspace!

(run by cub and mint records)

Crush-pop trio cub formed in 1992 after vocalist/bassist Lisa Marr, guitarist/vocalist Robynn Iwata and drummer Valeria Fellini met while working at the college radio station of their alma mater, the University of British Columbia. Their first performance took place in front of a standing room only crowd in the basement of Marr's home for a summer solstice party in 1992.

Despite no prior musical experience — throughout the band's first year, Iwata played live seated cross-legged on the stage floor while looking at cheat sheets for chord progressions — cub's early live shows (during which the group tossed candy to the audience) won their unique brand of direct, infectious punk-pop a cult following on the Vancouver club circuit, and in October 1992 the trio issued their debut 7" EP, pep, on Mint Records, the Vancouver-based label co-owned by Iwata's brother Randy (future home of the New Pornographers, cub tour drummer Neko Case and Nardwuar The Human Serviette).

Following the release of their first album Betti-Cola — a superb collection of EP tracks and new recordings complete with a Josie and the Pussycats-styled cover by famed Archie Comics artist Dan DeCarlo — Fellini left the band to pursue her calling as a chocolatier; she was replaced by drummer Lisa G., whom Marr met through the pages of the fanzine Self-Esteem Queen. After the release of 1994's Come Out, Come Out (featuring the song "New York City" which would eventually become a mainstay of They Might Be Giants' covers repertoire), Mint signed a distribution deal with the U.S. punk label Lookout. 1996 brought the ambitious and edgy Box of Hair, as well as tours with They Might Be Giants, Sebadoh, and Elliott Smith (who played his cover of The Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" for Robynn on her birthday in L.A.!). Mauler, another collection of singles, followed in early 1997. On June 10 of that year, a series of three handwritten messages posted on the Mint Records website — one from each member — announced cub's breakup.

Robynn continued her graphic design (which was a constant visual presence on cub's t-shirts, posters, stickers, and the cub kids club newsletter), and in 1997 would go on to co-found I AM SPOONBENDER with composer / multi-instrumentalist / philosopher Dustin Donaldson.

Lisa Marr and Lisa G moved south to L.A. and formed the short-lived BUCK, a pop trio with guitarist Pepper Berry. Each would later pursue independent film endeavours. Marr would also take to the open road as a solo troubadour and in movies'n'music duo THE HERE AND NOW, as well as form THE BEARDS with Kim Shattuck of The Muffs and her ever-evolving country/rock group THE LISA MARR EXPERIMENT."

MORE INFO on the myspace:

"lisa marr (vocals, bass guitar) 1992-97

robynn iwata (guitar, vocals) 1992-97

valeria fellini (drums) 1992-94

lisa g (drums, vocals) 1994-97

neko case (drums) 1992-95"





NOW a bit of commentary- This band wasn't given nearly enough love back when it was active (mostly a live show band. It never became very popular) and so the refence to Robynn creating art for the "CUB KIDS NEWSLETTER" is impossible to find outside of Cub's bio here- unless you look at thier 1995 music video for the song "flaming red bobsled" which features small papers with that title- with old 60s archie comics esc drawings on paper sheets showing little comics. I can assume this is what was talking about- although i dont know much more about it

theres no real information on it

Most early articles talk about the charming way that cub did NOT know how to play their instruments- lisa marr teaching herself bass only years beforehand in an apartment before a live show- robynn not knowing how to play guitar well in the beginning and having to sit to see her chords better and Valeria saying she was only in the band for practice. Most of their shows were known for being childish calm and casual- claiming the term "cuddle core" for their post punk pop rock style that was more casual than most other at the time. They- all of them having sucessfull careers in music, art or film afterwards- obviously loved what they were doing. 

They passed out candy during shows- theyd come in pajamas and joke around the entire show. It was more casual than most and they weren't honing in heavily on the performance aspect of KNOWING everything because sometimes theyd bring chord sheets. They had a lack of guilt for that kind of stuff and were obviously an inspiration in some aspects for people embarrassed in their lack of knowlage- while having a passion for music- to just. get out there. learn and do it instead of focusing on perfection


If you couldn't tell I love this band a lot ive been obsessed since the minute i heard their song first <33 I think i might be the current #1 cub fan HAHAH

I love Robynn's art and music a lot outside of cub HSHADSHSHS I am spoonbender has a few interesting songs i've heard and honestly sometimes i do want to learn how to play an instrument because idk hjHJSJD her being an artist and having a passion for the same type of music while not knowing that much about it idk. same boat feeling tied to it i guess.

I kinda want to get into playing music but i don't really know HOW to start or WHERE and i know i don't want to play anything like piano or other things like that- I've always loved the sound of guitar and the drums and if i ever want to in the future try and do stuff like that for my own future art projects- being able to tie those together- HAHA... It'd be because of cub.

god i love cub <333 overall that's it. I just adore this band.

I can't even pick a favorite album- There is not a single song i hate from any. Peppy, Betti-Cola, Hot dog day, Come out, Come out, Box of hair and Mauler. I just love them all. 

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when I say I love cub I mean I am actually going feral bouncing off the walls when I notice that any song of theirs is playing ever anywhere.

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