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what i got done over the last few days

it's been a bit. maybe i'll reduce these to being a weekly thing instead of daily. also i don't think i'm going to put a date on the title of these anymore. timestamps are there for a reason.

i started my new job today! i'm gonna be working on a mural inside an office building downtown. i'll post pictures when we're done with it. i'm excited!! i already made some sweet new friends even though i'm probably the oldest person there lmao. also my partnerĀ got me some pizza and a milkshake today to celebrate!

that's pretty much the biggest one. the other stuff is just having some fun time with friends. we watched wrestling and got wendy's at 11pm.

i want to get started on one of two things next week: either drawing up a draft for the ntuw website UI, or finish the reference sheet for my new vtuber avatar.

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