I really wish there were more seasons of Spouse House (survey)

1.) As kids, were there any toys that you & your sibling(s) used to fight over?

Only child in da' house

2.) Do you own any coloring books as an adult? What kind(s)?

Nope. n/a

3.) Have you ever tried Raspberry Pepsi? Did you like it?

Nope. n/a

4.) Do you remember how old you were, the first time you used a computer?

I was in 2nd grade, but I don’t know if it was pre-birthday or not.

5.) What kinds of ice-cream do you have in your freezer right now, if any?

There’s probably some French vanilla, unless my wife ate it.

6.) Do you have any idea when you’ll next attend a wedding? Whose will it be?

Nope. n/a

7.) Name someone you know who has green eyes.

Glammy, it would seem

8.) As a kid, did you own any items of clothing with a Disney character on them?

I had some tie dye Disney shirts in junior high

9.) ^Do you own any such items as an adult?


10.) Is there any food in your house that has orange packaging?

- I can't think of any, but possibly. I'm too lazy to go look. (same)

11.) Do you enjoy any songs by Phil Collins?

I only know In The Air Tonight, which I like well enough.

12.) Have you ever used a walkie-talkie?

Yep, I got a pair when I was little. They weren’t very good, but I did use them.

13.) Tell me about the last conversation you had that sparked your interest. What did you discuss, and with whom?

Last week I hopped on a Webex call with Ryan and Deanna. There wasn’t much of a throughline to the conversation, but it was fun chatting with them. Ryan and I did expose Deanna to ChatGPT and AI story-telling in general, which she was unaware of.

14.) Do you own anything that is crocheted?

Not that I’m aware of

15.) Any idea what you were doing at 3PM last Wednesday?

Taking my afternoon break at work

16.) Do you watch any of the dating shows or are they not your sort of thing?

We watch some, but they have to be sufficiently ridiculous in premise such as if no one proposes that week, people will be eliminated (Spouse House) or sibling and cousin pairs have to wing-person each other (Dated and Related). They don't to have rhyming titles, but I won't complain if they do.

17.) Do you own any bath bombs? What scent(s)?

Nope. n/a

18.) Have you ever had an appliance in your home break at a particularly inconvenient time? What happened?

Our A/C broke during summer a couple of years back. It was hot and humid for a couple of days before the repair people could get it up and running again. Had to spend all our time in the bedroom with our lone portable A/C unit because it was too miserable to be elsewhere.


19.) Are there any movies you enjoy that are in black-and-white?

I associate B&W with being poor, as we had only a little 13” B&W TV when I was young. It also doesn’t help most B&W movies are old and therefore much slower than modern movies. Having said all that, I did enjoy Throne of Blood and The Sword of Doom. Seven Samurai was entirely too long, otherwise I’d include it as well.

20.) As a child, did you ever do any baking, with your mum, grandma, or another relative? What kind of things did you bake together?

I helped my mom make chocolate chip cookies when she’d make them once a year.

21.) In the last week, have you had any dreams that were strange or amusing?

I only remember having some work dreams, which sucks because I don’t get paid for them, but they stress me out all the same.

22.) What will you most likely be doing in 3 hours’ time?


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Jon 🐇

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I liked your answer to 19; I also don't like B&W movies. I never thought about why but your answer fills a few slots for me, I'd never thought about it that way before. Thanx :)

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Thanks, glad I could shed some light.

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