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sh vent ig idfk

i wanna bleed so fucking badly i wanna watch it run down and stain the carpet i wanna cut to fat i wanna cut to muscle i wanna cut to bone i wanna cut off a chunk of my arm cook it and eat it i wanna cut all over myself until theres no more room i wanna cut until my blades are dull fuck i just want a guy to hold me and kiss me and tell me its alright and be understanding and just love me and help me why do all of my friends have to be online why cant i have an irl boyfriend i just want love is that so much to ask do i just not deserve it? what i deserve is to be at the bottom of a lake

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Bestie istg when we meet I am giving you the biggest fucking hug ever it'll make ur asthma worse /pf I will be the one to hold you when you are sad dw bestie, I got you oki????????

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