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✧┊๑ ₊ ꒷ 🍡 ៸៸ ෆ intro surveyy !! >3< …੭ .˚ [old!!]


name: saki
nickname: i dont have one :(
age: 16
pronouns: she/her
birthday: feb 3rd!
siblings: my younger sister
straight/bi/gay: straight
job: student / hopefully a kfc job part time!


hair color: brown with blonde highlights
eye color: blue
height: 5'3
ethnicity: white
dye your hair: nopee
have bangs: yes
have braces: no
wear glasses: nopee
wear contacts: no
piercings: none i do want a tongue piercing tho!
tattoos: none i don't intend on getting one atm


color: pink
video game: defo genshin impact, rblx, valorant and minecraft !!
movie: any of those conjuring movies tbh idk why they're just so good
tv show: big mouth and south park !!
animal: cats
drink: choc frappe
food: sushi
car: Ford mustang V8 GT coupe, mostly just the 2016 and 2018 models
day of the week: saturday
season: summer
song: i dont have a particular one, i love all songs from k-pop so
sport: snowboarding
teacher: my marine teacher
subject: marine
holiday: christmas and valentines day
book: dress up darling manga
memory: me and my friends breaking into our school hall 


person you hugged: my mum
thing you ate: toast
texted: a group chat on discord
you called: my best friend abt us going out for dinner
called you: my best friend
person you saw: my mom....
you had a long conversation with: my best friend (i obviously love talking with her lOLL)


summer or winter: summer
cats or dogs: cats
pepsi or coke: coke
cell phone or ipod: phone
ocean or pool: pool
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
flowers or candy: candy
rock or rap: rap
tv or movie: movie
aim or myspace: myspace
stars or hearts: hearts
bracelets or necklaces: necklaces
gold or silver: gold
kisses or hugs: kisses
pen or pencil: pen


smoked: no
failed a test: nope
stayed home from school: yea
been to the mall: yup!
bought a book: no
been to a show/concert: nope, never been to one actually
yelled at someone: yes
got into a fight/argument: yes
told the truth: yes
lied: yes


tv: no
your own phone: yes
vcr: no
dvd player: no
radio: nope
computer: yes, pc
posters: nope
pictures: yes
of who?: my friends, like from the photo booth at timezone, and one the same with my sister


taken or single: single
got a crush: not really

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why do you have a subject called marine? do you study marine biology or something?

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yup!! its marine biology <33

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