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III. (SpaceHey survey thingy)

III. 3/37/2023.


name: Carlen, Wilson/Percival.
nickname: Paz, Percy.
age: 22
pronouns: he/him/his
birthday: March 16, 2001
siblings: 2 brothers, but I don't talk to them.
straight/bi/gay: Bisexual/Demi!
job: currently in therapy until I can become stable enough to work.


hair color: auburn
eye color: brown
height: 5'2"
ethnicity: Canadian, Indigenous, Italian, French, English, Welsh and Scottish.
look like a celeb: No.
dye your hair: I'm actually dyeing it red in a few weeks...
have bangs: Yup! I just slick 'em back.
have braces: nope
wear glasses: yep
wear contacts: nope
piercings: Left ear
tattoos: 3 - one on both wrists, one on my shoulder.


Color: Green!!!
Video Game: Team Fortress 2, Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together, Portal.
Movie: Ghostbusters and A Hard Day's Night.
TV show: Wayyyyy too many.
animal: Dogs and raccoons.
food: TOO MANY
alcoholic drink: Uhhhhh I'm basic and enjoy gin in 7up.
car: I don't drive-
day of the week: NOT Monday.
season: Winter and Fall!
song: Strawberry Fields Forever
sport: NOPE
restaurant: I have no idea
teacher: My grade 5/7 French teacher and my high school music teachers.
subject: Music/Guitar and French.
holiday: Christmas uvu
book: To Kill A Mockingbird >>>>>>>
magazine: Nope.
flower: Lavender and forget-me-nots.
memory: Too many, but any memory consisting of my Nana. I miss her immensely.


person you hugged: My mom.
thing you said: I don't even know what I was doing 10 minutes ago.
thing you ate: Eggs Benedict because I have a problem.
texted: My partner, Sam
you called: My therapist last week
called you: Sam
person you saw: My mom's friend, Tammie.
you had a long conversation with: Tammie.


summer or winter: Winter
cats or dogs: Dogs
Pepsi or Coke: Conk
cell phone or Ipod: Both are kinda cool
ocean or pool: YES
black or white: Black
chocolate or vanilla: Yes?
flowers or candy: Yes
rock or rap: Rock
TV or movie: Either or
AIM or MySpace: None.
stars or hearts: STARS!!!!
bracelets or necklaces: Both are nice
gold or silver: Silver
kisses or hugs: Yes
pen or pencil: Yes


smoked: I smoke but I'm very considerate of people.
failed a test: Nope
stayed home from school: In the past yeah
been to the mall: Nope.
bought a book: Nope
been to a show/concert: Not recently
yelled at someone: Unfortunately
got into a fight/argument: Sadly
cried to a friend: Many times.
told the truth: yes
lied: White lies if anything. I really don't like lying.


TV: Nope
your own phone: Yep
your own phone line: Through my cell lol
VCR: Nope, but we do have one somewhere.
DVD player: See above.
radio: yes, but it's not in use or plugged in atm.
computer: Yep!
posters: Just Beatles and fandom stuff.
of what?: see above?
pictures: Yep. None of me, though.
of who?: The Beatles, fandom stuff, etc.


taken or single: Taken! April 18, 2018 and still going strong!
got a crush: Sam, John Lennon and the Sniper lol

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