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cool shit i listened to this week

Listened to a handful of albums I hadn't listened to before this week, figured I'd share thoughts.

  • SOS by SZA - (2022)

Overall groovy, but I think it dragged a little in a place or two. I think that's just bound to happen with a 1hr+ length album, some stuff is bound to blend together. None of it was bad, though.
I think some standout tracks were Kill Bill (obv), Seek & Destroy, Shirt, and Forgiveless.

  • Starboy by The Weeknd - (2016)

I was actually under the impression the whole album was a Weeknd x Daft Punk crossover. Just so happened the only songs I knew from it were the two Daft Punk ones. Another groovy ass album, but I think it's got the same little issue that SZA's SOS has where a couple songs blend together a little. There's not really a problem with that though. I assume a lot of artists make albums with the mindset of telling one story that encompasses the whole tracklist, so blending is good. I just like the songs that can also stand out on their own a little better.
(The parts of SOS and Starboy that drag to me are the songs that feel a little too generic or pop songy for me, but neither album is dominated by this).

I think some standout tracks were Starboy (obv), I Feel it Coming, Love to Lay, A Lonely Night, and Ordinary Life.

  • Cherry Bomb by Tyler, The Creator - (2015)

I'm bewildered people consider this Tyler's weak album, it was really quite good. There's a lot of talk about how this was his more experimental/transitional album, and that's definitely the case, I think it's got the most mix of his older harder intense sound and his chill romantic newer sound. I think he's always had both sounds, even back in his first album.
I've been a chill-music kinda guy for aaaaages, and I still love chill groovy vibes but man oh man have I been craving more and more loud, intense ass music. Cherry Bomb's got some songs that reaaaaally scratch that itch.
It's definitely my favorite of this batch, but that's unfair since he's one of my fav artists.
I think some standout tracks are DEATHCAMP (one of my new favs of his), SMUCKERS (tough for a Kanye feature to not be great), PILOT, and 2SEATER.

  • Get to Heaven (Deluxe) by Everything Everything - (2015)

Always cool to pick up an artist I've never heard of before, thank you Spotify DJ. It's a pretty damn unique listen, but it really hit a tone I didn't know I needed to hear before. There's some really difficult to describe mix of Tally Hall's existentialism and Coldplay's heart, but it's really something of its own. I'm excited to listen to more of their stuff, there's something really special here.
I think some standout tracks are Warm Healer, To The Blade, Only As Good As My God, and Regret.

  • Genesis by Leon Thomas - (2018)

Listened to it just last night, was very happy to learn Leon Thomas III (who I knew from playing Andre from Victorious) ended up having some damn solid professional success in the music world. Dude has music writing credits for artists as massive as Ariana Grande (obv), Drake, SZA, etc. Shit's really cool to see, and his lil' slice of an album is such a nice listen. It's the flavor of chill I'm needing, and is extremely reminiscent of Frank Ocean.
I think the standout tracks are Sunken Place and Mrs. Variety.

So yeah, good music week. Thinking of making this a recurring thing.
Feel free to recommend songs/albums! You may find them winding up here.

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