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〘 03 ⋆ 04 ⋆ 2060 〙

Subject: livestreamfile_20600403_232648.mp4

There have been many connections lately, yet I don’t feel much. I have been feeling disconnected from my own self for some strange reason. I thought I’d try to do a physical change to start feeling those technical and virtual connections.

Recently, I decided to test a livestream that comes from another internet from another dimension. Right now, I’m in 2060 but it felt like I wasn’t in that place.

Invisibly, it’s like someone could record me and it appeared out of somewhere.

I don’t have the greatest memory, but I can remember when I was asleep, I could feel myself floating in a dark place. I did not have any clothes on, my body was like a 3D model, almost blue like the hex color of #000fff, with binary codes around in which the messages changed, I could not see what it said, though. There was a file folder at the top, I actually could not move my body, until I got closer to the file folder, where I could finally move my arm and touch it. More happened, but I do not remember.

It’s all confusing. When I woke up, I checked my phone as usual, I was working on a digital project and I fell asleep while exporting it to the virtual gallery of my phone. I decided to enter to the virtual gallery and that’s when the file was there, which it led me into questions but I knew it was not impossible if my dreams are connected to this “reality”.

〘 03/04/2060  ⋆  15:20 〙

〘 Message has taken an eternity to deliver. 〙

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