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Help urgently needed.

As you may know from my last blog entry, my computer, my only work tool, has exploded (Not an exaggeration, the power source just blew a casket). It is kaputt. It is dead, over, etc. I can't afford a new one by any means as I am disabled and my ability to retain and do normal jobs is beyond me thanks to the poor labor protection laws in my country and my poor health. I was recently fired thanks to that and I simply don't have the means to sustain myself without it as I do digital art for a living and naturally without a computer I can't do anything. Traditional art is impossible as it's too painful.

The computer I'm looking into is one me and my partner found that is somewhat accessible and would work a lot better than what I had before, unsurprisingly. It's rather low end from what I've been told but it works.

My partner's post is here:

You can either donate here:

Or message my partner directly:

I can do sketches for donations like these:

Thank you if you spread or tell a friend.

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