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ꔫ ׅ ﹙🦇﹚ ˚ 𝟢 𓈒 ׂ survey ! ⋆ 𓄲


name: freinkie - pencey
nickname: freink, freinklyn 💀💀🙏 , victoro 
age: minor
pronouns: they / them or any neos
birthday: aug 4 
siblings: one tall little brothr
straight/bi/gay: aromantic [+gender nonconforming]
job: n/a


hair color : I wouldnt rlly know but it's def a dark dark spark brow with red in it
eye color: brown
height: 5'4-5
ethnicity: uh im hispanic ??
look like a celeb: ummm idk i once got told that i look liek frank iero[THANK U SM I LOVE UUU ] and gerard way i dont see the gerard but like ok
dye your hair: no
have bangs: emo
have braces: soon
wear glasses: ya
wear contacts: no
piercings: ears !!
tattoos: latr in life


Color: black + light pink 
Video Game: resident evil , silent hill & bloodwash [any horror/unsettling game]
Movie: scream , life on the murder scene , american psycho , 16 wishes , resident evil
TV show: my babysitters a vampire
animal: none
drink: water ???? & coke zero
food: eating is a struggle 
alcoholic drink: not legal
car: n/a
day of the week: thursday 
season: spring + autumn 
song[s]: all of bullets , to the end , hangem high , vampire money [mcr]
hold on till may , disaterology , shared trauma , wonderless [ptv]
sport: ewie i dont do sports
restaurant: NONE THEY ALL MAKE ME SICK !!![panda express]
teacher: ENGLISH
subject: art
holiday: halloween
book: american psycho + comics 
magazine: n/a
flower: any , but like i dont want/liek them in a romantic way 
memory: bro i dont even know what i did like 10 minz ago


TV: ya
your own phone: ya
your own phone line: no
VCR: no
DVD player: yes
CD player: soon bro
radio: no
computer: uh i got my own laptop
posters: ya
of what?: miku & some from cds and dvds
pictures: i have drawingz all over my wallz
of who?: mcr ☠☠☠☠


taken or single: single would liek to stay like that
got a crush: no , but some people like me [ewie]

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