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interesting/obscure websites!

i have a hobby of finding interesting websites, and i save all that i come across. I archive them on the wayback machine, and usually only share my collection with my closest friends. That said, ive decided from now on i will keep a running list of those ive found here, probably updating this post every few weeks. i do not endorse the content of all or even most of the sites i archive. i dont even know what some of them DO! i just find them interesting enough to save. many of them are long abandoned by their creators. 

That said, enjoy some selected fruits of my labors. 

Evil.Com - We get it...Daily. - one of my favs. just pure chaos, almost impossible to figure out, but in a fun way

AR ( - public art website, interesting to watch for changes

About (+highlights) ( - blog/news

Fairysnmypond known as FIMP - unique dollmaking blog with some actually good tips 

Ellen Egge - Death of a Secret - womans anti abortion blog 

Steve Perillo – The Official Blob -short lived personal blog

Blake's 7 / Blakes 7 / B7 ( / - fan website for a short lived seventies sci fi series

e l l e n . n e t - just a photo slideshow. possibly a placeholder for something later planned for the url? - odd placeholder site, not interactable atm. keep an eye on it

Violet Beauregarde Fan Site - Home ( - willie wonka inflation fetish site, weirdly covert about it though? usually i dont archive fetish sites but this one is notable

THE ERSTWHILE PHILATELIC SOCIETY ( - little known arg appearing to start in 2009 based on info hereCasey Caston | Graphic Design and Art Direction ( i havent had time to look into it too much, feel free to do it yourself)

RAINSTORM.COM - quirky old web styled weather site. very endearing - confusing polish site with random photos? appears to be for a foregn exchange program.

Doll Reference Resource To Identify Dolls Of All Types - doll reference wiki

Shit Bricks and Mindfuck Pics - Shit Brix - dedicated site for those nostalgic images you only ever see on pinterest these days. no dates on anything but appears to still active somehow?

Jadepixel Doll Lab – sewing patterns ■ tutorials ■ custom dollfie dream and smart doll -cute dollfie blog

Mad Wife In The Attic | Just another site - lovely doll blog

PopScreen - Video Discovery, Search and Bookmarking Tool - for some reason trying to compete with youtube

Roman pages - mosaics, gardens, inscriptions, latin, latin poetry, word derivations, scansion, cicero competition, ord origins, latin reading, spoken latin ( - adorable amateur latin culture website. 

Main - Homestar Runner - has archives where you can play the old flash games

Prasad Modak's Blog - ( dudes blog, full of obviously fake stories. still active tho, so thats interesting

ALEXIS - DESPARATE wannabe influencers personal site -- a site dedicated to prescinding the acceptance of the Holy Bible as truth. -anti christianity site

i see you, you see me ( - nice little radio website and zine for lain fans

neetventures - small scale blog and personal site. also has a much shorter list of sites he likes, so thats nice. we're like kindred spirits. i wont steal from his list, but some of those sites are very fun

Date Ariane ( -weird little (near impossible) dating sim. 

The Blog of Death | "Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it." –Haruki Murakami -  abandoned obituary site. still has obituaries on all sorts of people from celebs to obscure community figures. The cool part about it is that because it was started so long ago a lot of the obituaries have comments from people who knew the people who died. - credit to RestingCow's Profile | SpaceHey for the suggestion

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there are some web browsers and search engines you can use to find obscure websites.

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I've also saved some weird/niche/interesting websites over the years. Here's some: : Car leasing company with an old school website : Personal website of someone that thinks he's a vampire : Tech blog mostly complaining about internet explorer and preaching firefox. He actually posted some stuff about win 11 recently, so it's not abandoned. : Geocities websites collage : Collection of RMS photos

Others that I can't explain:

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i love lingscars and how ling's face is plastered all over the website

by ‎♡‧₊˚amaim; ; Report

and ling is a gay icon !! i love him i hope he's happy

by ‎♡‧₊˚amaim; ; Report