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(Putting this in my blog because I get this question a lot in my msgs)

“What is ur opinion on transgenderism?” -I don’t have any hate or fear nor am I prejudice towards anyone in the trans community. But I don’t like how people are pushing this idealogy on kids and children and trying to convince them they are in the wrong body, this is called grooming which I’m strongly against. I do believe people that have fully transitioned have been misled and lied to because of the harmful side effects in the horomonal drugs (as well as the surgeries. But it is not marketed the same as regular medicine with side effects (like the ones we see on TV). So when one wants to detransition it’s extremely hard to because ur body has been reliant on those drugs to function correctly. Not to mention how lgbt+ community cancels detrans voices.

I also don’t believe in the erasure of biology. “Trans women are women” when u lump this together with biological women, u now have unprotected women’s spaces, and it sets a precedent for any biological man to come into women spaces which can lead to other things. (Which is already happening btw) I also don’t want a biological man to tell me to take it. That is the ultimate mansplain. No I will not take it. And I will not be silenced. This is a women’s rights issue.

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