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Speak ur bit abt me

Because I believe in freedom of expression, I am enabling comments on this blog post for anyone and everyone to speak freely about me. I will not delete any of the comments (unless it’s spammers) the reason I’m doing this is because I’m not like most people that try to silence people by name calling (e.g. transphobic, bigot, homophobe etc.). With that being said speak freely abt me or my blog (this post only, comments on any other post will be deleted).

 P.s. I think many of u have an unhealthy obsession abt me and my "right wing" opinions but this is ur chance to talk ur bit if u have any questions my msgs r open to everyone 

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You are a transphobe plus a homophobe by reading your blogs. Stop crying lololol

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kay why ess!!! (≧ω≦)!!!!!! transphobia isnt cool ( ·ิϖ·ิ)

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You’re alright in my book

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if u dont shut yo transphobic ass up

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kameron >_<

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its not name calling if ur actually transphobic its just the truth BYE and the fact i only had to read one sentence of a blog of urs to find a transphobic also have no clue what you're talking about please take some time off the internet

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i just read some more and u said "dni People that try to erase biology" no way... we're not trying to 'erase biology' im just trying to be happy kdkjjbgjhd and in no way am i forcing it on other people, i literally do not care what other people do unless theyre rude/disrespectful, which u r

by kameron >_<; ; Report

Trevor Ushiromiya

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You sicken me... All human lives are equally important. This fact cannot be changed. To discriminate upon another living being based on unchangeable factors of their birth... How low can one get? To be allowed to decide your gender is one of the greatest freedoms human lives are allowed. As the future King of all Darkness, I will ensure you and your kin never propagate in the eternal joys allotted in the afterlife.

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✧ :-ket-: ✧

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kill urself <3

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Rosalie <33

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Transphobic - having or showing a dislike of or strong prejudice against transgender people.
Its not name calling if its true lol. You literally posted a blog saying, and I quote "Happy Womens day! This inclues trans men". Like?? Thats literally so invalidating to say trans men are included in WOMENS day. They work so hard to pass and go through all that they do to be accepted as men and then you say that. Not to mention all your other blogs talking negatively about the rest of the LGBTQ+. Like literally take a second, be real and grow up.

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Oh and you also try to push the term "heterophobia" which doesnt exist point blank period. Gay people are stalked, beaten and killed for LGBTQ+ . I've NEVER heard of a person being killed or harrassed for being straight?

by Rosalie <33; ; Report


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You are a good reason for Spacehey to make a block button.

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by BUG_EATER; ; Report

wisteria 𖤐

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i read ur posts n holy shit?? yes, u r a transphobe. u shit on trans people and expect to not be called out for it?? if the shoe fits, wear it. anyways u sound and look dumb af. i wouldnt be surprised if this was bait

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literally who r u

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by Rosalie <33; ; Report


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you made several transphobic comments and attacks innocent people for no reason , even me, a child who grew up in a home full of ignorant people, I have more brains than you, it seems humiliating to me to be scolded by a child but in your situation this is necessary, your opinion is not supreme, you're a full grow woman go for a job or something :

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𝕸𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊's profile picture

if god wanted you to be a child youd still be one, trust in his plan for you and grow the fuck up 🙏

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i'm doing the waka flocka okay meme rn

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1 ive got to agree w another person ab ur page. the white lettering against the white background is so headache inducing do u even want people to read it? 2 since all my brain can comprehend was the gifs on the left, gotta say smth ab one of those. heterophobia does not exist in the way you and other people push it. gay people are still bashed on streets lol. straight people do not get beaten down verbally and physically because of who they love.

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THIS!! <3

by Bobbi Chann; ; Report


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Well for one, I tried to view your profile but it's impossible to read. You have bright colored font on bright colored background. I'm new here and still trying to figure out how to edit CSS, but even I know that's retarded. Don't really know who you are, but you sound mentally unstable and an attention seeker.

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that ^^^

by ♡Mr.Papbee♡; ; Report


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Who the fuck are you even XDDDDD

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Fr idek anything about this person but everyone on the blog section is talking abt them 👎🏽 ABOUTTA look into it some I’m not confused

by Devin; ; Report


𝕯𝖔𝖑𝖑's profile picture

its not namecalling if youre actually transphobic <3 also literally who are you? do you think youre popular or infamous on here or something? i see you in the top blogs but i have genuinely no idea who you are. youre just another weirdo bigot who thinks she can control other people and literal strangers (its not forcing or shoving down your throat to get told to use peoples pronouns by the way youre so sad for thinking otherwise <33) and part of the problem to me. you wanna be oppressed so damn bad for being cishet....christians have such a persecution complex i swear......

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bloodytissue 2

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the fact that your 20 or in your 20s and your acting like this is so fucking dumb.. as a trans masc i would like to say that the post you made on womans day made me gag. we are not woman. and the fact that you claim yourself to not be transphobic isnt right, because you sure as HELL act like it. your messed up stupid bitch

oh and dont even get me started on your dni. 'sensitive people dni'? well basically you should just not interact with your fucking self!! =3 atp just get off spacehey and go back to twitter or facebook, whatever the hell gave you this dumbass mindset. (oh and before i go, your probably just doing this all for attention but still, you need to know ur not funny at all,, messed up humor lmao)

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☽ ✟ 𝕲𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖆𝖞 ✟ ☾

☽ ✟ 𝕲𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖆𝖞 ✟ ☾'s profile picture

as a trans person, shut up. its not your body. you have no clue how it feels to go in public and be harassed and called slurs. people are dying. theres better things to worry about than something that isnt even hurting you. now stop posting about your bigoted fantasies and let people live. <3

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by M!!ru☆; ; Report