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DNI lol



You are over the age of 20 or younger than age of 10

You are an NSFW artists or just like NSFW in general

You just randomly friended me without reading my spacehey profile at all

You are a meanie/asshole/rude person!!! DDDD:

You are Homophobic

You are Racist

You are a Pedo or a rlly gross person (sorta similar to the NSFW one)

You have 200+ spacehey friends (cmon lets be honest ur obviously probably way too cool to even interact with me. Being close to it is fine tho like 190 or 180 stuff like that.)

You've JUST joined spacehey and still setting up ur profile

(its best that you finish first so we can see if we have the same interests together n stuff, and even if we dont still finish setting ur profile shit before adding me. I’ll only add people who ATLEAST have their about me, interests, and a pfp on. I don’t really care if you have a custom layout or not.)

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b-but i have 110 friends....

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tbh I’m thinking I might change up that part because I’m almost at 100 spacehey friends myself

by G3N0_; ; Report

Matter fact you can go ahead and friend me I’m gonna change it now to smth a bit higher than 100

by G3N0_; ; Report

Well if you wanted to

by G3N0_; ; Report

thanks geno

by Jaz!!!!; ; Report

Kenny McCormick

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I like nsfw ART, I don't like the gross nsfw part but some of the art is actually really good and tbh art is art so idrc

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I agree ngl, like the art is GOOD I just personally don’t like the NSFW part of it because it grosses me out a lot usually,,,

by G3N0_; ; Report

yeah lol also im introverted but im too afraid to decline friend requests because i feel bad... is that OK? I don't have this many friends because I want to T_T

by Kenny McCormick; ; Report

Yeah!! It’s not a bad thing at all either!!!

by G3N0_; ; Report


by Kenny McCormick; ; Report